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Where can i purchase Kirby Parts?

Kirby Parts can be purchased directly from our online store or directly from our office. We are located in Guildford. To visit our online store please click here. We post Australia Wide.

How do I find my Kirby Model?

Your Kirby Model is found on the front of the handle or on the front of the outer cloth bag, older models are found on the top of the bag hanger cover. Alternatively, Please click here to view all Kirby Models.

What Bags fit my Kirby?

Good News, Kirby has redesigned the Bags to suit all Kirby Models with the Exception of the Heritage 84. This Kirby was made in 1984. To purchase Kirby Bags please click here.

How often should I replace my Kirby Drive Belt

The Kirby Belt is designed to rotate and drive the Kirby Brush Roll and gives you constant performance everyday at 3200 RPM. After a period of time, The Kirby Belt stretches and starts to slip against the Kirby Brush Roll which reduces the suction, airflow and vibration. You will know when your Kirby Belt needs to be replaced by looking at the Indicator LED light. This light should always be GREEN. If the light is Flashing or not coming on, It is time to check/replace the Belt. To purchase Kirby Belts please click here.

How often should I service my Kirby?

We strongly recommend to have your Kirby Serviced every 12 months. This prolongs the life spam of your Kirby and ensures your Kirby continues to run at its best performance. During the service we check all components ensuring that everything is running at it's level best.For more information or to book in your Kirby for a service. Please click here to complete the online service enquiry form or call us on 1300 811 212.

Can I use Non-Genuine Bags for my Kirby?

Did you know, Non Genuine Kirby Bags are designed with the lowest quality of material which impairs the performance of your Kirby. This is due to the insufficient air flow these bags have. Genuine Kirby Bags are specifically engineered and laboratory tested to provide the highest quality air flow that your Kirby requires. Genuine Kirby Bags contain Micro Magic HEPA FILTRATION with MicroAllergen Technology and traps allergenic particles such as Dust, Dust Mite, Pollen, Mold Spores and Pet Dander. The Genuine Kirby Bags are CRI (Carpet Rug Industry) certified and approved. To purchase Genuine Kirby Bags please please click here to visit our online store or phone us on 1300 811 212.

Can I use Non-Genuine Belts for my Kirby?

Non Genuine Kirby Belts are not designed with the same quality and capability to drive your Brush Roll at its recommended speed. These Belts have a very short life spam. The non Genuine Kirby Belts eventually starts to slip against the front shaft due to there poor quality. These belts stretch quickly and need to be replaced a lot more regularly which becomes costly. This impairs the performance of the Brush Roll. The Genuine Kirby Drive Belt has been designed and engineered with the highest quality and performance of toughened rubber. The Genuine Kirby Drive Belt is engineered to be able to rotate the Kirby Brush Roll at 3200 RPM. This is the adequate speed required for performance and longer life. To Purchase Genuine Kirby Drive Belt/s please click here to visit our online store or phone us on 1300 811 212.