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You‚Äôve definitely made the right choice! Our Kirby services are detailed, unique and unlike any other ‚Äď we believe we are second to none when it comes to looking after your Kirby. You‚Äôll have the confidence that your Kirby is in good hands knowing our technicians have over 36 years of experience.

The courier requires you to place your Kirby securely in the box for adequate transport. You can easily pack your Kirby by following a few simple steps. 

What we need from you

  • Kirby machine¬†including the¬†front¬†power head,¬†handle,¬†and¬†outer bag
  • Please¬†ensure you¬†remove the disposal bag¬†prior to sending. We will replace it as part of your service.


Release the bag latch:

Press the bag latch at the back of the handle grip to release the bag.


Release the handle:

Press the button located at the lower back of the handle. Then lift the handle up to detach it from the machine. This should release similar to a seat belt.


Unscrew the cord hook:

Remove the screw from the cord hook. This will release the top part of the handle, making it more compact. Place the screw, spring and cord hook into a plastic bag and include it in the box.


Pack your Kirby in the box:

Place the machine in the box as shown. With the long handle, please ensure that it is wrapped in cardboard, newspaper, or bubble wrap, and securely tape the box.

Please note: any Kirby that is not adequately packaged in a box with a clear label may be refused to be picked up by the courier.  

Any questions?

Please reach out to our friendly team on 1300 811 212 or via the chat below.